Journal archiving

Chemistry Central deposits the articles that it publishes in multiple digital archives around the world to guarantee long-term digital preservation.

These archives include:

Chemistry Central makes article metadata available in compliance with Open Archives Initiative protocols, enabling automated 'harvesting' of our research articles for inclusion in any other digital archives. We support non-exclusive digital archiving of research articles by as many international archives as possible, to ensure the security and permanent accessibility of that research [more information about Chemistry Central's support for OAI].

Chemistry Central is a participant in the LOCKSS (Lots of Copies Keep Stuff Safe) initiative. LOCKSS will enable any library to maintain their own archive of content from Chemistry Central and other publishers, with minimal technical effort and using cheaply available hardware.

To facilitate data mining research, the full-text XML of all Chemistry Central open access research articles is available for ftp download as a ZIP archive. See our data mining research page for more details.

A hard copy version of the full collection of original research papers published by Chemistry Central is also available for purchase directly from our customer services department. For more information about this please contact us.

CD-ROM archives are available for all journals published by Chemistry Central. Each journal CD-ROM archive will include all articles published in the journal between the launch date and the date of ordering the CD-ROM. Please contact us to request pricing information.

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