Open access and central funds

There has been rapid movement in the field of research publishing in the last few years and open access publishing is now firmly in the mainstream. As open access publishing has grown, funders and institutions have recognized that the funding models that support scholarly communication need to evolve to keep pace.

Chemistry Central has been working with the library community to discuss how libraries, funding agencies and research administration can and should work together to set up central funds and processes for open access publishing.

A central fund helps to:

  • Reduce the barriers for researchers wishing to publish in an open access journal
  • Assists in complying with funder policies that mandate open access publication (Welcome Trust and The Howard Hughes Medical Institute)
  • Ensures research is disseminated to a global community

There are now several institutions that are leading the way and have already set up central funds and allow authors to use these funds when publishing in open access journals. BioMed Central has created case studies of how some of these institutions established their funds and these are available to download.

Chemistry Central has created case studies of how these institutions established their funds:

"The University of Nottingham was an early champion of Open Access (OA) publishing in the UK and was one of the first institutions to establish a central fund to support open access publishing costs. Our BioMed Central Membership and Prepay account helped to accelerate our activity in this area delivering all our OA articles in the first year (2006/07) and approximately half of our output since then. The reduction in administrative hurdles for authors plays a significant part in this high level of engagement and additionally the University benefits from useful and accurate publishing data."

University of Nottingham

If you would like more information on central funding and how your institution would go about setting up a central fund contact your Sales Representative.

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