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BioMed Central has been working with the library community to discuss how libraries, funding agencies and research administration can work together to set up central funds and processes for open access publishing.

"Setting up a central fund to pay open access publication charges at the University was seen as a significant way of removing barriers for researchers to publishing in open access journals. It was an important step forward in creating a level playing field within the institution for open access alongside other forms of publishing."

Stephen Pinfield, Chief Information Officer, University of Nottingham

A central fund helps to:

  • Reduce the barriers for researchers wishing to publish in an open access journal
  • Assists in complying with funder policies that mandate open access publication (Wellcome Trust and The Howard Hughes Medical Institute)
  • Ensures research is disseminated to a global community

A number of institutions are now leading the way and have already set up a central fund allowing their authors to use these funds when publishing in open access journals. The below institutions have created case studies which discuss why they set up a central fund and the steps they took in doing so.

For a full list of all major funders and their open access policies visit our funder policies page.

The following links are a useful resource in keeping up-to-date with the very latest news from around the world on open access.

If you would like more information on central funding and how your institution would go about setting up a central fund contact institutions@biomedcentral.com

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