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Chemistry Central is part of Springer Science+Business Media and is operated by BioMed Central.

BioMed Central management team

Bev Acreman: Vice President, Marketing and Open Access Business Development, BioMed Central & Springer

Bev leads BioMed Central & Springer Open's commercial team including Sales, Marketing, Customer Services and Communications/Events, all of which aim to maximise exposure for open access publishing. Bev's career in STM publishing started in an engineering research organisation; she then worked for Elsevier and later moved on to Taylor & Francis before joining Springer/BioMed Central in September 2009. In addition, Bev is Vice President, Marketing leading Springer's global product marketing teams.

Deborah Kahn: Executive Vice President, Publishing, BioMed Central

Deborah is responsible for the overall strategy, development and growth of BioMed Central’s publishing portfolio. Deborah's career has spanned STM journal and book publishing, database publishing, and research and consultancy. She has been a supporter of open access since the beginning. A mathematician by training, she also has a Masters degree in Organisational Behaviour and a Diploma in Integrative Psychotherapy.

Peter-Paul Delsman: Head of Publishing Operations, BioMed Central

Peter-Paul is responsible for leading the London Journal Editorial Office to support the peer review processes for authors, reviewers and editors across all open access journals. In addition he manages the Production and Datawarehouse teams at Biomed Central, ensuring content is published to a high quality quickly and efficiently. Peter-Paul's career has many years of experience in an operations environment which spans across book and journal publishing in the STM world. Peter-Paul has a background in Russian linguistics.

Chemistry Central Editorial

Jan Kuras, Journal Publisher

Jan has overall responsibility for Chemistry Central's publishing activity, including editorial oversight and development of the chemistry journal portfolio, and promotion of open access initiatives in chemistry. Jan has a background in Chemistry specializing in analytical chemistry and chemical information systems. His career in STM has encompassed chemistry and pharmaceutical information product development and management, including journals, databases, web portals and a preprint server.

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